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Full-Service Heavy-Haul Trucking & Gravel Hauling

Transport heavy-duty equipment, gravel, and construction materials across state lines without worry. Simply turn to F&S Trucking Inc based in Rawlins, Wyoming , and Alva, Oklahoma, to take advantage of our heavy-haul trucking services, and we'll get your materials where they need to go.
Dump Truck

Handling the Heaviest of Hauls

When you have an oversized or overweight load, you need the right company for the job, as a traditional flatbed just won't do the trick. F&S Trucking Inc has well-maintained haul trucks with up to 13 axles to haul even the heaviest loads quickly and in a timely manner. We have the fleet to move heavy equipment, oil and gas rigs, and more for industrial projects.

Hauling Gravel & Other Materials
When you don't have the equipment to transport construction materials, such as gravel, to your jobsite, don't worry. Our company has well-equipped belly and end dump trucks to handle construction material and gravel-hauling jobs to transport loads to Texas, Colorado, Wyoming, Oklahoma, and Kansas.

Dump Truck
Contact us to move heavy equipment anywhere safely with our heavy-haul trucking services.

Also Proud Owners of Fritz Welding & Machine: http://fritzweldingandmachine.com/